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If you do have access to this valuable information, have your profits and tax savings been less than you hoped for? In the financial world there are many challenges facing businesses and individuals. We can help you with income tax structuring, efficient accounting systems, reaching your retirement goals and increasing profit performance. Buckeye CPA has been helping people achieve and exceed their financial and tax needs for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

Highly recommend BBI to any small business owners / young professionals in the Columbus area. You enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom and confidence that comes from working with CPAs who are experts in accounting, tax, and business advisory services. AICPA members represent many areas of practice, including business and industry, public practice, government, education and consulting.

Why Choose Accounting Technology Solutions?

You will be a lot more enthusiastic about your finances and taxes when you are in control and saving tax dollars while maximizing profits and planning for the future. At Crowe, you’ll work with an exceptional group of people who are dedicated to serving others, invested in the community, and passionate about their work. In fact, many organizations recognize Crowe as one of the best places to work in the U.S. Plus, with our Where to Work policy, our team members are empowered to work wherever it’s more convenient and productive for them – whether that’s in the office, remotely, or at home. This helps us support our team members and clients so they can thrive.

They are able to use information and proper tax positioning to help move forward and adapt to change while saving money and increasing profits. The Columbus, Ohio offices hold a wide book of business in both healthcare and commercial clients. Healthcare services include reimbursement, business valuation, small business services, forensics, benefits, audit, and tax. Services offered to our commercial clients include business valuation, small business services, forensics, and benefits. BDO Columbus’s purpose of helping people thrive every day is reflected through the support of the Columbus Metropolitan Club who is committed to connecting people and ideas through community conversation.

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This understanding and the insight that accompanies it can make the difference between success and failure. Many people feel they do not have enough time to accurately and easily keep track of their financial data. They are not aware of the current law changes that affect their taxes and business. HHH CPA Group is a full-service tax planning, accounting, and financial audit firm that serves a variety of individuals, small businesses and corporate entities. BDO’s comprehensive portfolio of accounting, assurance, tax and advisory services can help manufacturers with all their business needs, from supply chain management to implementing Industry 4.0 technology and beyond.

Non-profit organizations require compliance with unique accounting and auditing standards which can quickly change. Along with standard financial statements and the accountant reports, non-profits often have additional reporting and audit requirements which can be imposed Bookkeeping Services in Columbus by funding sources. Our accountants know how to satisfy those requirements when performing audits. At Holbrook & Manter, we provide audit, consulting and accounting services to non-government and non-profit organizations receiving federal, state or local funding.

Degree Requirements

Non-profits look to strengthen their mission by making the most of their allotted resources. And even though non-profits aren’t on the line for net income taxes, they do have to pay state, property and unrelated business income taxes. Holbrook & Manter has worked with a great number of non-profit organizations since our inception and we are prepared to help bolster your cause through our expert non-profit accounting services. The not-for-profit sector has its own particular set of Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

  • BDO is a community of talented professionals, collaborating with one another and our clients to define and enable meaningful success.
  • Our corporate social responsibility program, BDO Counts, builds on this generosity of spirit through our local, regional and national community initiatives to which our people contribute their energies.
  • At Holbrook & Manter, we provide audit, consulting and accounting services to non-government and non-profit organizations receiving federal, state or local funding.
  • These two types of organizations have vast differences, from tax filing and financial reports, to personnel structure, to year-end goals.
  • Faculty teach students what they need to know for their next exam, but they don’t stop there.
  • Do you love working hard towards a goal but find it a real chore to keep track of the information that will lead you to financial success?
  • For more information and to see opportunities available in Columbus and across the country, visit our career page today.

In order to do that you need a clear path to follow for success. The problem is that building a business is hard when you’ve never learned how to run a business, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You need a proactive business, tax, and accounting strategy with services tailored to your specific needs. We have experience in many business areas, including restaurants, manufacturing, medical offices, etc.

Joel C Lewis, CPA

Students are taught what they need to know for their next class, their next job, their next degree, and even their next career move. Successful individuals and business owners know where they stand at all points in time. They use automated accounting systems to simplify their record keeping and to provide valuable information. They take advantage of all the various elections, methods and structures that are available to them.

accounting Columbus