Precisely what is Virtual Data Storage?

Virtual data storage refers to the software that abstracts the physical locations of info on distinctive hardware arrays into a reasonable view for the purpose of application gain access to. The objective is to get rid of the dependency among where the data is reached and exactly where it is literally stored, streamlining day to day operations such as shifting storage to a new site or increasing the capacity of existing hard disks without disrupting access. There are numerous types of virtual safe-keeping software solutions including simple record systems to advanced array level virtualization that offer the same benefits as hosting server based amount management.

Unlike basic solitary hard disk drives, most disk arrays already offer some form of virtualization by using RAID schemes to mix multiple physical disks as one logical device that can be partitioned later. More complex arrays commonly include cloning and distant replication companies. However these array centered solutions are limited in what they can perform as they be based upon the storage area controller to perform the virtualization.

Storage virtualization provides the next degree of abstraction that permits storage hardware to be put together as being a single logical machine that can be mastered independently from other units in a network or by a data centre. This is almost like how figure out virtualization (VMWare ESX or perhaps Hyper-V) abstracts the physical compute hardware into a rational view. Occasionally, storage virtualization can even incorporate unlike components from multiple networks and vendors into one pool with respect to easier administration.